How is an associate firm set up?

Also due to the generalized economic crisis, but also the evolution of services towards multi-disciplinarity and professional specialization. In addition, the joint exercise of professional activities can become an interesting opportunity for many young architects, engineers, notaries, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and others to start or continue their profession with other young partners.

The aim is to offer increasingly complete “multibrand” professional services, capable of accompanying the customer on various aspects of his economic activity.

In general line, the exercise in associated form of the professional activity allows professionals to take advantage of various advantages, such as the possibility of sharing the costs of the professional firm among all the members, but above all a better professional specialization.

Centralization and better distribution of the costs of the activity among several subjects Different professionals means different skills available to satisfy customers Better management of tasks Possibility of exploiting economies of scale and growth, also in relation to the banking system If you are reading this article and you are finding these aspects interesting, as a professional, surely an association between professionals can be for you.

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